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Natural Language Understanding meets Workflow Automation

Understanding language is at the core of many repetitive workflows that slow your company down. That's why we're building the world's first automation platform that combines workflow automation with AI and language understanding. Whether it's answering support tickets, monitoring social media, or prioritizing incoming emails: Our easy-to-use workflow builder lets you automate your most time-consuming tasks.

Save Time and Money

Automating repetitive and time-intensive workflows lets your employees get more done in the same amount of time. That means you can scale your business even better and keep your teams small and agile.

Full Control

We believe that good software adapts to the way you work, not the other way around. That's why textcloud lets you decide exactly how a task should be performed and how much automation you feel comfortable with.

Happy Employees

Let's be honest: Doing the exact same thing one hundred times a day, five days a week breaks everyone's motivation. With automation you can take this frustrating work off your employees, so they can focus on challenging and rewarding tasks.

Seamless Integrations

From your helpdesk software to your CRM, or your shop system: textcloud integrates seamlessly into your company's most important software. This way, you can jump right in and define the workflows that you want to automate.

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A Multitool for Text & Communication

Learn about the different ways how automating your communication workflows can make you and your teams work faster and more effective.

Ticket Prioritization

Every new ticket will be scored by our Urgency Detection module and the estimated priority is saved in your help desk system. You can make the module even smarter by letting it learn from your past decisions.

Automating Frequent Answers

The most common three questions that customers have make up around 75% of all support tickets. If a customers asks "Where is my package?", your workflow could automatically detect the intent, connect to your shop software to retrieve the order- and parcel number and get shipment information from a package tracking API. The results can be saved in the ticket to give your support agents immediate access to all the information they need.

Social Media Monitoring

You can create a workflow that detects the sentiment of comments, mentions or replies on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. If an angry customer leaves a rude message, you are notified immediately to respond. If you want, you can extend the workflow even further to save all replies and the detected emotion into a Google Spreadsheet for detailed analysis of your social media audience.

Automatic Email Forwarding

Instead of having your assistant or an intern having an eye on the email inbox, you can define a workflow that does the same work. Our Email Intent Detector finds out what an incoming email is about and triggers actions accordingly, for example forwarding the mail to the right person.

Workflows we can't even Imagine

You know the best how your work should get done. You and your team have spent years figuring out exactly how you do things. Our workflow automation platform gives you all the freedom to start from scratch and define a workflow that does exactly what you need.

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Handelsbanken Validation Grant received

textcloud has received initial funding from the Innovation Foundation at Handelsbanken Uppsala City. We will use the grant to build an initial prototype of our platform and validate technical aspects.

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UIC Incubator

We're proud to announce that our startup has been accepted to the spring 2020 batch of the UIC incubator program. UIC ranks as one of the top 5 public incubators worldwide and is based in Uppsala, Sweden.

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